The Surviver and The Loyal One : Emperor Penguins

Hello! Today I'm back with an assignment from my teacher. I'm going to describe about emperor penguins!
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The classification of emperor penguin are:
Kingdom : Animalia Phylum : Chordata Class : Aves Order : Sphenisciformes Family : Spheniscidae Genus : Aptenodytes Species : Aptenodytes forsteri
For the emperor penguin, the breeding cycle begins in March and April which is the start of winter in Antartica. The mature emperor penguins travel to the colonials nesting areas. Here, they often walk for 50 to 120 km from the edge of the ice pack. They start the courtship (or mating) in March or April. Emperor penguins only have one mate each year and stay faithful to that partner. 
The female penguin will lay their eggs on May or early June. The shell of the egg is relatively thick so it' minimizes the risk of breakage. So for those eggs, the females transfer it to the males. The transfer proccess is difficult so the…

One of SMAN 3 Bandung's Event : Gathapraya

Hello! So I'm going to talk about an event that just held on September 30th 2017. Enjoy!

The event is cultural festival. Cultural festival or "Festival Budaya" in Indonesia is an annual event of SMAN 3 Bandung. For this year, the name is Gathapraya. Gathapraya has the concept of acculturation between tradional culture, modern culture, and the future. Gathapraya is named after Anagatha and Abipraya. The name Gathapraya itself has the meaning of "Hope of the future".

For your information, I'm one of the comittee for Gathapraya, specifically the decoration team. It was so tiring but it worth. I'm so proud of this event.

In this event, there were many shows. One of the show was estracuricullar colaboration, where you could watch the collaboration of KPA 3, KV 3, MK 3, etc. And then there were dance perfomances, band, etc. There was also a show from Tiloe's Theater. That show also explained to the audiences about the concept and the meaning of Gathapraya…

What will we do on vacation?

Hello everyone! Today, our class were given an assignment to make a dialogue. And again, I partnered up with Shalma Octavina, my deskmate. The assignment is to make a dialogue where we talk about our vacation plan in the holiday.

Qonita  : "Hi Shalma! What's up?"
Shalma : "Hi Qoni! I'm doing good." Qonita  : "As you know, we'll have our vacation soon. Do you have any plans for the next vacation?" Shalma : "Well, I haven't planned anything. But, It would be great if I can travel somewhere far with my friends." Qonita  : "Um ... Somewhere far like where?" Shalma : "I don't know. Like beach or amusement park." Qonita  : "Well, that's cool! Is it in the country or outside?" Shalma : "My parents will allow it if it is in the country. Somewhere where we can travel by bus together." Qonita  : "Why do you want to do it?" Shalma : "Because it's fun, ofcourse." Qonita …

Feel Blessful For Being Helped

Hello again! Today, my teacher gave me an assignment to make an article about the time in my life where we felt so desperate then someone came with help. I hope you'd enjoy reading it!
There was a moment in my life when I felt so confused and didn't know what to do. When I was a kid, I went to a mall with my family. We went there to buy some clothes and just spent time together. Because I was just a kid, there were a lot of things that got to my attention, thus I didn't really pay attention to my family. 
If I'm not mistaking, I saw a toy shop in the mall at that time. I saw a really interesting toy which I don't remember. Paying too much attention to that toy, I didn't realize that my family was already gone. When I realized that, I was so scared. I knew no one. Also, I didn't really know the place well. As a 5 years old kid, I didn't know what to do and I was so shy as a kid. So I just walked around and looked for my family but found nothing. I was so…


Hello again! Today, our English teacher gave us a task to make a dialogue about first meeting and introduction. For this task, I partnered up with my deskmate. The name is Shalma Octavina Kurnia. We are students of X MIPA 5. By the way, we also went to the same Junior High School.
Shalma and Qonita met at SMPN 2 Bandung's canteen. They have seen each other before, but never realized that they went to the same Junior High School and the same Senior High School.
Shalma : "Hey! I think I've seen you before."
Qonita  : "Yeah, your face looks familiar too."
Shalma : "Are you, by any chance, studying at SMAN 3?"
Qonita  : "Yes! Why you asked?"
Shalma : "I'm studying there too ... but you know, I've seen you around far longer than that."
Qonita  : "Oh! I remember now! We've talked to each other at eighth grade!"
Shalma : "Yeah I remember! Sorry, I think my amnesia kicked in hehe..."
Qonita  : "That…


Hello! Let me introduce myself. My name is Qonitatur Rasyidah. I'm the youngest person in my family. I have 3 elder siblings. Now, I'm 14 years old, but on September 26th, I will be 15 years old. I was born in Bandung, September 26th 2002. I live in Antapani.
     I already have a nephew. His name is Dalil Mahdi Cakranagari. He's really cute and so active. He's my eldest sister's son. I like to play with him. He's about one year old now. As I told you, my eldest sister, Teh Fifi, is already married to a man. The nickname is Bang Radit. He is such a funny person. But in some situation, he can be really serious. My eldest brother is currently working in PLN but he has to work in Pekalongan. The second elder brother is still studying in Telkom University. He's currently working on his final task. I love my siblings. They are the people who teach me a lot of thing about life. They will listen to me and answer my questions.
     Actually, I always enjoy bei…